Virtual Tour    

Come take a virtual tour of our home sweet home here in New Mexico!

driveway.JPG (16525 bytes)   Here's what you see as you come down the driveway. Note the retaining wall on the right of the picture.  It's about 15 feet high at the tallest.

houseview.JPG (20188 bytes)    When you climb the retaining wall, you get a pretty good view of the house.

rockgarden1.JPG (28941 bytes)    Here's a view of the rock garden in the front yard from the front door of the house.

rockgarden2.JPG (27406 bytes)    Here's another view of the rock garden, this time from the driveway looking toward the house.

frontyard.JPG (28727 bytes)    This is the front yard/terrace area.  This is great for parties!  Those little paths go all around the front yard and the house, and lead down to the shop.

shop1.JPG (18518 bytes)    Here's Sean's favorite part of the house...the shop!  Though you can't really tell from this picture, it's 1800 square feet...almost as big as the house itself!

arborclose.JPG (24531 bytes)    The pride and joy of the back yard is our free-standing arbor and vegetable/herb garden.  Which is currently being overrun by our zucchini plants!

kitchen1.JPG (22082 bytes)    Here's the kitchen, small, but with a lot of counter space!

nook.JPG (20401 bytes)    Adjoining the kitchen is the sunny breakfast nook.  I'm standing in the dining room to take this picture.

dining.JPG (15213 bytes)    Adjoining the kitchen and the nook is the dining room.  We're in the middle of a BIG puzzle!

guestbed.JPG (13101 bytes)    If you walk through the dining room away from the kitchen, the stairs will be on your left, and a nook with the doors to the guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and study.  Here's the guest bedroom.  The guest bathroom is too small to get a good picture of, and the study is WAY TOO messy!

stair.JPG (15510 bytes)     You can see the entrance to the guest bedroom at the lower left of this picture.  This is the stairwell, taken from the living room.  That door at the top leads to our bedroom, the open the top is what we call the loft, for lack of a better term!

living.JPG (18688 bytes)    We love this part!  This is our big, open living room, taken from the loft at the top of the stairs.  

loft.JPG (15169 bytes)    And here's the loft at the top of the stairs.  Sorry this pic is crooked!  the bedroom is to the left, and the door leads to one of two upstairs decks.

bed1.JPG (14488 bytes)    This is a shot of our bedroom, from the door.  You can see the sliding glass door at the left of the picture that leads to the other upstairs deck.

bed2.JPG (12226 bytes)   Here's another shot of the bedroom, looking into the bathroom.  No, we don't have a bedroom suite yet, so the furniture is a hodgepodge!

bathroom.JPG (14699 bytes)    The master bath is L-shaped, so it's hard to get a good shot.  This is standing in the doorway, and all you can see is the sinks and the tub.  The shower is to the right of the tub, and the toilet is behind the door on the right.  at the other end of the "L" is the door to the walk-in closet.

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