To put it plain and simply, we love to ride!  We both have motorcycles and we ride them as much as we can.  

    Big news!!!!  Sean just bought a 2000 Suzuki SV-650 for's a hot little number.  Here's a picture:

    Sean got into motorcycling a long time ago, and is also a crack mechanic.  We never have to worry about the bikes not running...Sean can fix almost anything.  Sean's been through a lot of street bikes, and his current ride is a refurbished (after he totaled it) 1991 Honda VFR 750.  He did all the repairs himself.  Here's a picture:

    Andi got her first street bike and learned to ride during the summer of 1999.  She'd always wanted to learn, and met the right guy to get her started!  Sean bought her a 1989 Honda CB-1 400cc standard to get started on.  This is a great bike for Andi, because she can actually reach the ground (she's only 5'1" you know)!  Here's a picture:

    But that's not all, folks!  Sean is a pretty accomplished amateur roadracer.  He races a Honda 125cc Grand Prix bike that weighs about 175 lbs!  He's currently racing in a local league here called the Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing Association, and doing pretty well.  Because the bike is so light, he can smoke most of the competition, even those with 1000cc engines, especially in the turns.  Here's the bike:

    And here's a picture of Sean on that bike at a race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course last summer:


    Finally, every once in a while Sean likes to buy a used bike, restore it, and sell it again.  He's currently working on a Yamaha:




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