5-8 October 2001: Andi's Skydivin', Motorcyclin' Adventure!



        When I got the word that a group of skydivers from ABQ were traveling down to Marana, AZ for a $99 all-you-can-jump weekend, I was ready!  In trying to work out the details, I realized my reserve was overdue for a repack...Little did I know this would lead to new friends, wet clothes and a very sore behind.  Now, that's not at all like it sounds!  Me and my big mouth happened to mention to Rich, who repacked my reserve, that I owned a motorcycle.  Well, Rich owns a Gold Wing, and was looking for folks to ride down to AZ with.  Me and my big mouth (sense a theme?) said, hey, I'll go!  So on Friday morning we set off on our adventure, me on my Suzuki, Rich on his Gold Wing, and Ray on his Yamaha Venture.  If you know motorcycles, you'll know that one of these kids is not like the others...one of these kids just isn't the same (these aren't pictures of Rich and Ray's actual bikes, just some I scrounged off the web):

sv650.JPG (13894 bytes)       goldwing.JPG (22553 bytes)             venture.JPG (26742 bytes)

Suzuki SV-650          Gold Wing                    Venture

        Anyhoo...now you can see why my behind was sore after a 7-hour trip!  We had a great time, when the weather cooperated, and I made 10 skydives.  It would have been more, but both days it rained and stormed.  In Arizona!!!  Here's some pics of the weekend, both jumping and aprés-skydive:

Marana 003.JPG (9094 bytes)    No, that's not me, just a nice landing under a nice canopy...

Maranacamp.JPG (11315 bytes)    Here's our camp...my tent is on the left.  We got rained on.

Marana 001.JPG (17578 bytes)    On a weather hold...that's (from the left) Sean (not my Sean!), Lisa, Rich and Ray.  Gosh, Rich and Ray ARE old fogies, aren't they?

Marana 002.JPG (17811 bytes)    More weather holding.  That's David in the chair...he was late for the first picture!


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